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Meet Nadine

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Nadine Waeghe is a certified athletic trainer, licensed physical therapist and certified functional medicine practitioner with over 25 years of experience in sports medicine and expertise in biomechanics, osteopathic manual therapy and integrative physiotherapy.


  • BS in Pre-Med Biology

  • BS in Health & Physical Education

  • Masters in Physical Therapy


  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

  • Certified Athletic Trainer

Nadine earned a dual BS in Pre-Med Biology and Health & Physical Education, with an emphasis in Athletic Training, from Hillsdale College.  She completed Athletic Training internships at the University of Michigan with the Wolverine athletic department and the prestigious MedSport Clinic.  She then attended Emory University, earning a Master of Physical Therapy degree in 1998.

She has provided sports medicine services for athletes at large urban and suburban high schools, NCAA Division I, II, & III colleges, the US Olympic Training Center, Special Olympics, and the Women's Tennis Association as well as many other professional, amateur and recreational sporting organizations and events.  Beyond sports, Nadine has outpatient orthopedic clinical, outpatient amputee, and inpatient spinal cord injury rehabilitation experiences. 


Nadine worked as a staff PT, ATC for the sports medicine division of a large healthcare organization in Green Bay, WI, manager of an outpatient orthopedic PT clinic in suburbia Chicago, IL, primary health care provider and program manager for the WTA based in St. Petersburg, FL, and owned and practiced integrative sports medicine at Elevate Performance and Physical Therapy in Redwood City, CA for 10 years.


Nadine has expertise in integrative physiotherapy, biomechanics, equipment analysis, manual therapy, concussion treatment, and therapeutic taping. She is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner specializing in identifying and addressing the root cause of ailments.  Her community education focus is on preventative healthcare for all ages.


These specialties have allowed her to vary her work experience across a broad spectrum of clientele.  In addition to hands-on clinical practice, Nadine frequently provides service as a consultant to footwear company design teams, medical specialty groups, various sports organizations, and individual professional athletes. 


She teaches continuing education courses throughout the United States and abroad, has guest lectured at various PT, PTA, and ATC educational institutions, has served as clinical instructor and mentor for healthcare and sport sciences students, and frequently served as an expert source or subject for numerous media outlets.  

Nadine provides private physical therapy in North Idaho and offers in-person or virtual Functional Medicine consulting. 


She can be reached at:


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