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Education: Prevention & Performance

We believe in lifelong learning. With new discoveries in health, wellness and sports sciences every day, it is hard to keep up on the latest advances. Let us review the science and provide you with practical information for immediate application to your health and performance goals.

Community Service

We offer a variety of topics and presentation styles for groups, teams and other organizations looking to inform or enhance knowledge of their constituents in a particular area of health and sports sciences. Examples of community education include age and audience appropriate lectures, interactive presentations, and activity-based events:

  • Sport Specific Warm Up & Warm Down

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Recovery Techniques

  • Breathing and Sleep

  • Posture and Ergonomics

  • Appropriate Footwear

  • Environmental Considerations to Optimize Health

  • And many other topics - just ask!

Education Symposiums

We love collaboration! Whether local, national or international we offer expertise in a variety of topics in a symposium, forum or retreat setting. Give us a call if you are organizing an event which will include presentations in health, wellness or sports.


Examples of community symposiums:

  • Parkinson’s Symposium - exercises, nutrition, environmental influences

  • Artist Guild Annual Meeting- posture and ergonomics

  • Concussion Symposium - effective self-treatment techniques

  • Coaches Symposium - age-appropriate fitness training

  • Women’s Health and Wellness Retreat - multiple interactive presentations

  • And many more - just ask!

Professional Education Courses

Healthcare, wellness and sport science professionals are required to continue their education to maintain licensure and certification. We offer education of a variety of practical tools and techniques which can be applied immediately in their professional work environment.


Examples of professional continued education courses include:

  • Biomechanical Evaluation of Sport Technique

  • Gait Workshop

  • Custom Foot Orthotic Evaluation and Prescription

  • Concussion Treatment Protocols

  • Anti-Doping in Sport

  • Tennis Medicine

  • Advanced Athletic Taping Techniques

  • Emerging Tech in Sports Medicine

  • Frequency Medicine Modalities

  • And several other topics relevant to Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Functional Medicine, and Sports Sciences.

Classroom Education

We are also available for classroom education as guests with fun, interactive presentations for all ages from elementary school physical education to high-school lifestyle class to graduate school professional programs. Give us a call to discuss your vision and how we can enhance the learning experience for your students. 

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