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Integrative Health Solutions

Individuals suffering from multiple health concerns simultaneously or continuously, chronic or recurring illness, undiagnosed medical conditions, or conditions not responding to conventional medical intervention may request a comprehensive evaluation and health review to determine appropriate diagnostics or intervention.  This approach will help detect the ROOT causes of your symptoms and Nadine will work with you and your healthcare team to create an effective plan to address it. Based on these findings and as appropriate, she will guide you to the appropriate health or medical professional to provide effective intervention.


Functional Medicine Services may include:

  • Collection, review and analysis of previous medical records and diagnostic tests.

  • Ordering additional diagnostic and lab tests as appropriate through highly respective diagnostic laboratories: Mosaic (GPL), YourLabWork, Nordic Labs

  • Integrative Physiotherapy: dry needling, osteopathic manual therapy, cranial-sacral therapy, visceral functional mobilization, IASTM, biofeedback, and neurofeedback.

  • Energy Medicine: PEMF, Frequency Technology, reflexology

  • Functional Nutrition and Nutrigenomics

  • Cellular Physiology Technology: REDOX, Phototherapy, detoxification

  • Environmental Health: analysis of surroundings at each layer of environment personal, home, office, school, training facility

  • Longevity Science: optimal aging principles, epigenetics, injury and illness prevention.

  • Collaboration with other medical, healthcare and wellness experts.

Health Optimization & Performance Enhancement

Individuals who are not experiencing a current injury or health challenge and hope to keep it that way can work with Nadine to determine the best fit practices to optimize and maintain peak health and performance. Your customized plan includes a comprehensive review of your history and goals with a focus on empowering you to take care of yourself independently to maintain your health and guide you through new or modified practices to achieve your physical performance goals.  

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